Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Our Scribble Picnic theme for this week coincides with the beginning of Hanukkah and we could choose DREIDEL or SPINNING TOP or TEETOTUM.  I went with spinning top as most of my painting and drawing paraphernalia is temporarily stashed away.  

Without going into much detail, my mother-in-law passed away at the age of 93 - her quality of life had been failing these last few years and she is at peace now.  So along with getting ready for the holidays, and having her memorial service with family gathering afterwards, I wasn't ready to pull everything out again yet so I went with what was readily available - some origami paper.

I folded the three separate units.

Inserted Unit 2 into Unit 1.

And then Unit 3 into that.

And (hopefully you can see) this is it spinning.

We had our first snow of the season this weekend, the same day that we had the service, and then on Sunday I received notification that one of the teachers in our school district passed away unexpectedly.  His wife also works in the the district so it has touched all of us and left a very foggy atmosphere.  This little spinning top did brighten things up a bit.

I'll be visiting with the Picnickers soon to see what they've brought this week.  You can too if you click here.  And should you wish to join in next week the theme is CHRISTMASTIME.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I have a penchant for things Scandinavian.  There's a mixture of nature and geometry that really appeals to me.  Not to mention the patterns and contrasts of color.  

In thinking about what I was going to do for this theme I did some research into things Finnish and Scandinavian.  For instance, I love to go to IKEA.  I love their Christmas decorations that are often themed with gnomes and foxes, straw, and stars, white and red color combinations.  BUT, IKEA is based in the Netherlands which isn't part of Scandinavia.  So, I think my love of what I think is Scandinavian encompasses a lot more. 

That said, I think I'm just in love with the folk art of that area of the world.  During my "research" I found a display of little white houses and folk art trees that I was coveting.  There was one tree that captured it all for me.  It was in white but I did mine in black.  This was an exercise in drawing a mirror image trying to get both sides to look symmetrical.  

And this is a very quickly sketched and cut out (with the wrong scissors) snowflake that I was fooling around with this past weekend.  Against the red paper I thought it fit in with the theme.  I might give this another try in the near future with my detail scissors.  

It's off to the picnic now to see what other FINNISH/SCANDINAVIAN goodies everyone else brought this week.  You can take a look too by clicking here.  And again, should you wish to join in next week the theme is DREIDEL/SPINNING TOP/TEETOTUM,

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Jingle Belles - Baby It's Gold (or Silver) Outside

Anyone else do any "Black Friday"/"Small Business Saturday" shopping?  There were some pretty good deals on art supplies if you were an early shopper.  Luckily Rachel was up and out early enough on Friday morning to do an errand for me and grab a set of 72 Prismacolor Pencils with a complimentary set of 12 watercolor pencils for.........$20.00 at ACMoore.  That's a savings of over $100. 

I was out-and-about shopping with a friend on Saturday doing some "Small Business" shopping and we decided to stop in at ACMoore to check if they had any more of those sets that were on sale (it was advertised as a 2-day sale or while supplies lasted).  Needless to say, there were no pencils left. But I did have a coupon for 50% off any item not on sale.  It seems almost sad to say that the only thing in my basket not on sale was a piece of scrapbook paper.  This black paper with silver embossed music on it.  I thought it would make an elegant addition to a Christmas card and since this week's Jingle Belles challenge was to use metallics I was able to use it right away. 

I took the picture against a red sheet of origami paper and now I'm regretting not having put this on a red card base.  Maybe I'll cut the front off and just do that!

You know how tricky it is to get pictures of shiny paper so you'll have to take my word for it that this is much prettier IRL.

Okay, not sure I'll be getting another card done for this challenge, so in case I don't I want to thank Lauren and Steph for another wonderful year of Jingle Belles challenges.  I am so much better off doing these all year long and not waiting until December and I have them to thank for it!!! Merry Christmas ladies!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scribble Picnic - GENEROUS

Now that we're turning the corner on November and Thanksgiving, it's time to look forward towards Christmas.  Our Scribble Picnic theme for this week is GENEROUS and very apropos for this time of year.  While we did take advantage of good sales this weekend with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, we really do like to cap it off with Giving Tuesday.  We choose a cause  or two that we LOVE, give GENEROUSLY, and feel a sense of GOODNESS.  

I found this quote by Thomas S. Monson that incorporates all of that.  I'm a bit out of practice with my hand lettering skills, but I'm pretty happy with it.   And I loosely used what I remembered from a tutorial at The Postman's Knock for my watercolor decorations. 

We (I) picked a class at Donor's Choose that needed help funding a project and we helped out the birds at The Raptor Trust with our donations this Tuesday as a start to spreading the Spirit of Christmas.  I really do enjoy the giving much more than the receiving.

So now I'll head over to the Picnic and be GENEROUS with my comments.  Won't you join me by clicking here.  And should you like to join in next week, the theme is FINLAND/SCANDINAVIA.  Won't that be fun!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Always Looking UP - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I thought I'd share some sky pics from this week.  A reminder to always look up and be thankful.

A morning full of purple, pink, and orange.  

I officially became a madwoman where sunsets are concerned this week.  I was watching the news and the weatherman showed a picture of the most beautiful orange sunset as it was happening in NYC.  I knew we're just a bit west of NYC so we should be seeing something similar and, sure enough, when I looked outside there was an orange glow in the west.  

I grabbed the camera and the car keys, ran out of the house pulling the door locked, threw the keys at HWNSNBP (who was working outside at the time) and told him "get in the car and drive - you're taking me to that sunset".  

The first few pictures are through the car window as we drove.

And then we came to a place with a pretty much unobstructed view where we could pull over and I could get out and start shooting.  

As it does during sunset, the sky began to darken but it was still pretty dramatic.  

That was the second time that day that I had him drive me to take sky pictures.  When I was driving home from work I looked up and there was a cross in the sky with a cloud that looked like a heart in the middle of it.  Our street is tree-lined so although I could see it through the clouds, there was no clear shot.  

As he was outside as I pulled up, I asked him to take me around the corner to where I could get a clearer shot.  You can see that the cross was starting to degrade by that time and the heart was barely visible, but I thought I'd share the pictures nonetheless.  

There are a lot of things that I'm thankful for - family, friends, the roof over my head and all that, but I'm also thankful for the beauty all around me.  Even though it's not always right in front of my face, it's there.  I just have to remember sometimes to just look up.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Swans on the Bay

I had to share the pictures that I got of the swans at the bay beach at the end of October.  I went there looking for the sunset, hoping to get a better view from the boardwalk there.  The clouds were not cooperative and I almost walked away....... and then I noticed them...... well, actually my attention went to a car full of  people that pulled up and caused me to look in their direction.  There on the beach were the swans peacefully milling about.  I watched as two of the younger children in the group from the car walked out towards them.  Some of the swans took to the water.  Others just walked a little further away.  

I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked with it's wings poised as if in a balletic position.

As they joined each other again back on the beach they went through a series of head motions.

Two of the people from the car were teenagers and they were dressed in formal attire.  There was a woman with them, I'm assuming one of their mothers.  Apparently they had come to the boardwalk hoping to get some pictures with the sunset as the backdrop.  It was their homecoming dance that evening.  The woman approached me and I thought she might want me to take some pictures of them, but instead she asked if I knew how to pin on a boutonniere.  They had been struggling with it and weren't having any luck.  I gladly took the flower and pin and pinned it on him.  

They thanked me and I looked over towards the swans who had entered the water together again...................

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scribble Picnic - GIFT WRAP

Our Scribble Picnic theme for this week is GIFT WRAP.  What came to mind was the song from The Sound of Music "My Favorite Things".  I love brown paper packages tied up with string myself.  So that's what I drew...... over, and over, and over.  So basically, my sheet of graph paper can now be used as a sheet, albeit small, of gift wrap.  

(Oh, and look at that.  Of course the close-up shot I choose to use is missing a bow! What are the odds?)

Lot's of packages...... simply gift-wrapped and tied up with string.

Time to check out what the other Picnickers have brought to the picnic this week.  Click here.